Senior Projects

BASIS.ed Senior Projects

BASIS Senior Projects are a point of pride for students, teachers, parents, and staff at our schools, and one of the most unique aspects of the BASIS.ed academic program. Senior Projects offer an opportunity for our high-performing students to demonstrate the knowledge and research skills they have developed in a subject area about which they are passionate. Students who successfully complete a Senior Project earn a distinction of High Honors on their diploma.

BASIS students team up with corporations, entrepreneurs, agencies, and researchers on the cutting-edge across myriad fields nationally and internationally. But this is not just an internship, because BASIS students bring an exceptional level of expertise and fresh eyes to the entities they support. While the average student at BASIS.ed will have completed six AP classes prior to being accepted into our Senior Project program, and our graduates have taken an average of nine AP courses, it is the Senior Projects program at BASIS.ed that sets students apart to the most prestigious universities in the world, and differentiates them from other students their age. Via the program, our students know they measure up outside of the BASIS classroom, a notion that will serve them very well in college and the workforce.

The Senior Project program was developed to foster in our students' valuable insight about utilizing their knowledge in the real world, while maintaining a sense of intellectual curiosity during the research-and-application process. Senior Projects requires students to work at a public or private sector institution, or enroll in a college or university's external study program, and ultimately present their Senior Project to the entire school community, parents, and guests. The internship or study program can be located anywhere in the United States or around the world, and should be related to the course of study that the student intends to pursue following high school graduation.


If your business or institution is interested in becoming a mentor for the BASIS Senior Project Program, please contact Julia Toews at

Senior Projects: 2016

Christian Schmidt

BASIS Oro Valley Class of 2016

Evelyn Scollick

BASIS Oro Valley Class of 2016

Nandini Sharma

BASIS Phoenix Class of 2016

Martha K.

BASIS Tucson North Class of 2016

Rachel K.

BASIS Flagstaff Class of 2016

Rohini N.

BASIS Chandler Class of 2016

Alex N.

BASIS Tucson North Class of 2016

Ananth Kuchibhotla

BASIS Peoria North Class of 2016