BASIS Flagstaff

BASIS Flagstaff

The first BASIS charter school in Northern Arizona, BASIS Flagstaff opened in 2011 to serve 425 students in grades 5–12, adding 4th grade in fall 2015 and 3rd grade in 2016. BASIS Flagstaff now serves 650 students who go to school every day with the best view in all of Flagstaff. Last year, BASIS Flagstaff joined the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), which opened up incredible opportunities for students to participate in sports and other activities.

Perhaps most notably, in the spring of 2016, BASIS Flagstaff received the extraordinary rank of #2 Most Challenging High School in the U.S. by The Washington Post. Additionally, the BASIS Flagstaff Class of 2016 was a group of 37 highly gifted, talented students who received a collective total of $2.8 million in merit aid. Among these 37 students, one was named both a National Merit Finalist and a National Merit Semifinalist, and five were recognized as Commended Scholars.

About the School

BASIS Flagstaff Year opened 2013
BASIS Flagstaff Number of Students 649
BASIS Flagstaff Grades served 3-12

2015-2016 Highlights

  • The Chess team placed 3rd at the state competition out of 24 teams in its first year competing as an AIA team.
  • The BASIS Flagstaff Speech and Debate team won third prize for Best Team Performance in the state of Arizona, edging out sister school BASIS Scottsdale and several large high schools with enrollment numbers above 3,000.
  • Boys' Cross Country (grades 4–6) won 1st place in the regional Cross Country Championships and 2nd in State.
  • BASIS Flagstaff had the highest AzMERIT passing rate of any school in Coconino County.
  • A student from the Class of 2016 received an award from the George W. Brackenridge Foundation for her Senior Research Project titled "Faulty Forensic Evidence and False Convictions".
  • Results from the OECD international standards exam showed BASIS Flagstaff as one of the top-performing schools in the world.
  • In 2015–16, BASIS Flagstaff saw its highest student-retention rate since the school opened in 2011.

Contact Information

Management Staff

Corey Hartman
Head of School
Jana Aukon
Head of Operations
Lisa McDonough
Director of Academic Programs
Alicia Vaughan
Director of Student Affairs