BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria

Located west of Phoenix, BASIS Peoria is one of the most established BASIS.ed-managed charter schools in the network and, last year, received its first national ranking as a "Top-performing U.S. School with Elite Students" by The Washington Post, alongside sister schools BASIS Chandler and BASIS Scottsdale.

Over the summer, BASIS Peoria replaced its turf with a state-of-theart, re-graded turf field, an update that wouldn't have been possible without the BASIS Peoria Boosters' fundraising efforts. Now, the green blades are a beautiful sight against the repainted bright yellow beams that hold up the outdoor awning. BASIS Peoria Boosters plan events that serve the entire school community year round. From dances, to teacher appreciation lunches, to partnering with restaurants in the area that have graciously agreed to donate a percentage of proceeds right back into the school, BASIS Peoria Boosters are working hard to make sure 2016–17 is the best year yet.

About the School

BASIS Peoria Year opened 2011
BASIS Peoria Number of Students 770
BASIS Peoria Grades served 5-12

2015-2016 Highlights

  • A student from the Class of 2016 was a Finalist for the Flinn Scholarship.
  • Four BASIS Peoria students were named National Merit Finalists in 2016.
  • One sophomore student earned a perfect score on the SAT exam.
  • The Class of 2016 (29 students) took a total of 360 AP Exams (averaging 11.1 exams per student) with an average pass rate of 91% compared to a global pass rate of 58%.
  • One senior and his faculty advisor, Biology teacher Charlotte Hagerman, won the Founders' Prize for exemplary collaboration on a Senior Project.
  • 262 students took 659 AP Exams across 22 subject areas and achieved a pass rate of 85% (global average 58%) and an average score of 3.69 (global average 2.87).

Contact Information

Management Staff

Jayme Dunn
Head of School
Becky Trower
Head of Operations
Marcie Longstaff
Director of Academic Programs