BASIS Scottsdale Primary

Image: BASIS Scottsdale Primary logoBASIS Scottsdale Primary serves grades K–3 and is the primary school counterpart to BASIS Scottsdale. Following the same award-winning BASIS.ed curriculum as its 17 sister schools across Arizona, Texas, and Washington, D.C., BASIS Scottsdale Primary teachers focus on the development of two fundamental competencies: the organization of complex tasks, and the productive management of students' time.

Habits learned in primary school lay the foundation for academic success in years to come. Our curriculum offers the type of education students receive in top performing education systems around the world and is built on the importance of high-level content mastery at a young age.

Contact Information

Management Staff

Elizabeth McConaghy
Head of School
Julie Kearney
Head of Operations
Monica Morris
Director of Academic Programs
David Deshler
Director of Student Affairs