BASIS Scottsdale Primary

BASIS Scottsdale Primary

Since May 2016 there have been tremendous developments at BASIS Scottsdale Primary, including relocation to a beautiful facility just a few miles from BASIS Scottsdale. The building renovation included the addition of more than 6,000 square feet of play area space (both outdoors and indoors), four more restrooms, and 500 cubbies, as well as a redesigned front office and new paint and flooring throughout the entire building.

This year, BASIS Scottsdale Primary students will shine as much outside the classroom as inside. The school's Math Club is set to compete in both the Noetic Learning Math Contest and the Continental Math League Competition, and the Chess Team has already earned prizes at multiple tournaments. In addition, all students will participate in a Fine Arts Winter Festival which includes a music concert and drama performances.

One key focus at BASIS Scottsdale Primary this year is creating a strong school community and culture that is spirited, welcoming, and supportive. During the school's opening ceremony, students and faculty were introduced to the new school mascot Barker the Bull-pup and the school has also re-launched the Positive Paws Program to teach, recognize, and reward positive student behavior. Additionally, through a spirit-building Fall Carnival, families and the Boosters raised more than $10,000 to build an additional shade structure over the north play area.

About the School

BASIS Scottsdale Primary Year opened 2015
BASIS Scottsdale Primary Number of Students 529
BASIS Scottsdale Primary Grades served K-3

2015-2016 Highlights

  • A 3rd grade student placed 3rd at an all-girls ski competition in Flagstaff.
  • 100% of students participated in the school-wide Spelling Bee, with a 2nd grade student winning the competition after reaching 7th grade-level words.
  • A BASIS Scottsdale Primary student was a member of the first place team at the Chelsea 4x4 Soccer Tournament.

Contact Information

Management Staff

Monica Morris
Head of School
Julie Kearney
Head of Operations
David Deshler
Director of Student Affairs