BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North (originally BASIS Tucson) opened in 1998 as the first BASIS.ed-managed charter school and now has the largest student population in the entire BASIS.ed network. We are the network’s flagship high school with some of the most veteran BASIS.ed teachers, but the BASIS Tucson North community is constantly evolving. This year, the school has launched several initiatives to engage students, parents, teachers, and staff in the spirit of learning, community-building, and service.

Building a sense of community within each BASIS Tucson North grade level was a main focus for the 2016-17 school year. Teachers planned social events to not only help students connect with other students, but to also encourage parents to connect with one another. We also begun coordinating monthly community service opportunities for families to serve others, both within and outside the school community.

About the School

BASIS Tucson North Year opened 2012
BASIS Tucson North Grades served 5-12

2016-2017 Highlights

  • BASIS Tucson North was named #2 Best High School, #2 Charter School, #5 STEM School, and #2 High School in Arizona by U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, the school was named the #4 Most Challenging High School in the U.S. by The Washington Post.
  • 100% of the class of 2016 were accepted to four-year colleges and universities. Early acceptances included Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, Princeton University, and Yale University.
  • Math Counts team won 5th in AZ State Competition
  • MS Science Bowl team won 3rd and 4th place in State Competition
  • Upper School Drama Students earned Superior Rankings at Southern AZ Acting Festival
  • Three BASIS teams won the top three positions in the S.Y.STEM Coalition's Junior Shark Tank Competition in 2017.
  • Chess team won State Competitions in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8, and the middle school team to 6th place at Super Nationals.
  • Teachers and Administration won a grant from Watershed Management to build a rain garden on campus
  • AP Government and Politics Teacher Homee Shroff awarded 2017 Excellence in Civic Education award from Federal Bar Association
  • Eleven BASIS Tucson North students were National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists
  • BASIS Tucson NorthParent Boosters hosted our 2017 Annual Teacher Fund Gala and raised $56,000 for our teachers.
  • Class of 2017 has earned $5,057,860 so far in college scholarships!

Contact Information

Management Staff

Erin Paradis
Head of School
Alex Keicher
Head of Operations
Amanda Romero-Thies
Director of Academic Programs
Jennifer Uhlmann
Director of Upper School Program