BASIS Tucson Primary

BASIS Tucson Primary

Founded in 1998, BASIS Tucson Primary (formerly BASIS Tucson) is the flagship BASIS Curriculum School. The curriculum and methodology first developed here laid the foundation for the whole BASIS network. Last year, our students outperformed the great majority of their peers in the U.S., Asia and Europe based on the results obtained from the International Schools Assessment. Moreover, BASIS Tucson Primary students passed the AzMerit exam at twice the statewide rate, and more than 80% of our students passed the exam in all sections.

We greatly value the diversity of our community and are proud to publicize the fact that last year, our 680 families collectively spoke 40 languages other than English at home. We are also proud to have raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for our ATF campaign, every cent of which went to our teachers' bonuses.

The BASIS Tucson Primary community offers students an environment that is diverse and welcoming, and provides them with the best teachers and support so that they can access a rigorous curriculum that meets the highest global academic standards.

About the School

BASIS Tucson Primary Year opened 1998
BASIS Tucson Primary Number of Students 800
BASIS Tucson Primary Grades served K-4

Contact Information

Management Staff

Roberto Ramirez
Head of School
Weston Akins
Head of Operations
Audra Koste
Director of Academic Programs
Michelle Wohlford
Director of Student Affairs